Sunday, January 6, 2008

Angel of Mercy Suggestion

The other day I was walking into the Seminole Casino in Hollywood. While I was still in the parking lot, I spotted a couple of glum looking guys walking out. One of them said to me, "Good luck!"

"So how did you guys do?" I asked politely.

"Look at our faces. How do you think we did? Today was definitely not our lucky day," was the reply.

It was just then that a lightbulb flashed a message over my head. Angel of Mercy. We all have unlucky days and know the feeling of the gloomy long walk out into the parking lot to our cars. However, imagine if an Angel of Mercy suddenly appeared with special Angel of Mercy free play coupons for use at a future date. Yes, all hope is gone by the time we hit the parking lot but with the Angel of Mercy and the free play coupons, we would feel redeemed. I like that idea and hope the Seminole Casinos might consider occasionally using the Angel of Mercy in the parking lots to give new hope for unlucky customers.

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